Metal music in Slavic languages

Do you know some good Slavic metal bands? I want to hear a good slavic vocal skills  ;) No heavy metal. I would especially like to hear some Russian bands. I can reccomend the "Kelthuzzar." He is Polish music who singing about the slavic paganism and about libertarian philosophy.
The best song from Kelthuzzar: 


  • Those are some Serbian bands... But you have to keep in mind that metal is still underground in Serbia, so sound is not of very good quality...
  • And I'm not very sure where is the border between heavy, soft, death, trash... metal...
  • @Joca Tkanks ;) 
  • You're welcome :) I would also like to hear some more music :)
  • Silent Stream of Godless Elegy from the Czech Republic are fantastic.
  • Kelthuzzar? Seriously?

    I can't give examples, if anyone is interested feel free to check the bands, I will give the titles of some nice songs in my opinion as well:

    1. Poland:

    - KAT ("Ostatni tabor", "Łza dla cieniów minionych", "Legenda Wyśniona")
    - Hunter ("Osiem", "Kiedy Umieram", "NieRaj")

    2. Belarus:

    - Litvintroll ("Karaleuskaja", "Kryżak")

    3. Ukraine:

    - Viter ("Diva Ruzha", "Dzherelo")
    - Chur ("Maty", "Starec")

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