Alternative world - Could Internet trolls influence the world?

Ahojte! I would like to start a discussion about stupid people on the internet.

When I was listening to some Slovak folk music on Youtube, I noticed those Magyar (Hungarian) stupid comments, as you can usually see under videos about Slovakia.
But suddenly I started to be curious about the hatred they feel towards us. I knew that they don't agree with Trianon and other stuff, but these guys on Youtube say that history of Slovakia started in 1993 and we stole everything from them and other BS...

I also noticed that Serbs and Romanians support us and say the opposite about Hungary. I know that Czecho-Slovakia, Serbia and Romania once connected together against Magyarization, but how come it all exists today...

I went to their channels and I found out that they're solely dedicated to hatred towards other nations and they usually make alliances, such as Magyars + Poles + Turks, or Serbs + Slovaks + Romanians and others. They post videos about how stupid/weak the other nations are. They often claim that their nation was the first nation in Europe and that the other nations didn't exist until recently and similar things.

I also found out that many of these people have mapper in their nickname. That leads me to the community or culture of those people who create alternate maps, flags, history, states and other stuff.

I would like to ask, what is this all about?
I know that these people may be just trolls, who just enjoy chauvinist/nationalist chat between internet users, so they create playgrounds for them, or they may be just a bunch of stupid kids, who will grow up one day, but these people seem to be very passionate about it and it looks like they truly believe it. I would say they live in alternative world.

Their behavior may lead to another Breivik... Or just imagine if these people engaged in politics...

What do you think about it? Are they a threat to the future of Europe, or should they just be ignored? Or what am I supposed to think about them?


  • Edit: I would also add that these people come mainly from Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, the Balkans, Turkey and also from random states like Indonesia or Japan. They also talk about Kurds that they have no history and classic stuff like Magyars are Mongols and Romanians are gypsies... Western and Eastern Europe are usually excluded, as far as I know.
  • I am not sure what you mean but seems like these people are wasting their time and their life
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    @Shaokang Well, I'm talking about channels like these:

    I can't tell if they're just trolls or if they're serious about it...
  • I guess some people will always be irrelevant parts of their society and they have to give themselves some meaning through "importance of their own nation / friendly nation"

  • The Internet is serious business, @Kapitán Denis
  • I think Fake News is a big issue, and is on the rise.  There are a few operators in the Balkans that have setup fake news websites, they generate income from advertising, but they can have an influence on elections, political decisions, financial markets, etc.
  • Hello, @Kapitán Denis! You have discovered ultra-nationalism. Congratulations, you win a cookie!

    P.S. You can find the same kind of stuff absolutely everywhere. It simply flourishes better in the more insignificant countries (while in the more significant ones it's simply hyperactive "patriotism").
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    @NikeBG the most straightforward way of becoming a significant country is by conquering your neighbors :D
  • I guess you were never on The Apricity then. :)
  • Go to any Ukrainian video on YouTube.  :D Troll City! Russian Trolls: Ukraine is a fake country! Ukrainians are just "little Russians"! Polish Trolls: Volyn Massacre! (repeat x100). 

    Russian trolls.

  • ANY Slavic/East Euro video has these, it seems. Sigh.
  • @GLK Wired and MSNBC? I always thought these spread fake news as well. :D
  • If it's big - it certainly spreads fake news. If it's small, well, it probably spreads fake news as well.

  • I grew up in the u.s so I didn't encounter Hungarians until I became older and more interested in my culture. I would listen to Slovak music and watch Slovak YouTube videos/movies. I quickly realized the comments were filled with Hungarians hating on Slovakia and Slovaks. They usually had more comments than other regular posts.....Soon I became a professional defender of Slovakia and would spend a lot of time arguing with Hungarian trolls in my teens.  When I moved to Vienna I met many Hungarians, some very nice. Still even the normal ones of u talk about Slovakia make condescending jokes and are half serious about them. Almost all Hungarians are a bit nationalistic I've noticed. It's why none of their neighbors like them. So I wouldn't say they are just trolls but represent a side of Hungarian attitude toward Slovaks, even if overall they aren't bad people. Still I will always defend Slovakia against stupid maygar trolls named Attila :)  or of any other stupid Hungarian name 
  • @srdceleva Magyars are not bad people, but I'm sure the majority of them disagree with Treaty of Trianon. It's like this: they're all friendly and cool until you mention history, politics or just borders of our countries.
    The funny thing about these trolls is that they often disrespect Slovak (ex)politicians like Fico and Slota, because we Slovaks don't like them neither. :D But I get offended when they disrespect Štúr.
  • Magyars live in a dream world. They are genetically a mainly Slavic people mixed with Germanic/balkanic influences, yet their language is a weird foreign language . They lost their true identity years ago and don't know who they really are. They also suffer from post empire syndrome. It's funny because their most cherished poet Sandor petöfi was a Slovak Serb who claimed to be Hungarian and was more patriotic probably than any real maygar ever could have been. This is how I see the modern Hungarian nation
  • @srdceleva Yea, I can still see some slavness in them. :D

  • At the end of the day we are related , its a nice video 
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