Are you left or right handed?

Are you left or right handed?

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I don't know if I am right or left handed. I hold pen or spoon in my right hand the way my parents taught me. However, I hold ice-hockey stick having left hand below the stick and I shoot from the left side which is typical for a left hander. I pointed at a target using my left eye using my left hand to hold the muzzle of assult rifle . This is also typical of a left-hander. I would kick a football using my left foot. If I engage in a fight I would punch using my left hand . I have more power in my left side since childhood. But I use my left hand to hold fork and right hand to hold knife or spoon or pen - the way may parents taught me and this is typical of right-hander. I think my parents considered left-handness as some kind of oddness. Maybe they thought they could rid the dominance of left hand during my childhood.



  • I'm right handed, but there are some things to which I use left hand and feel more comfortable with it.
  • @GaiusCoriolanus

    What are those things that you feel comfortible using your left hand?
  • Carrying bags for instance, or something heavy. I switch hands when I start to feel uncomfortable with carrying something in left hand. Maybe the reason is that when coming back from a store I used to smoke a cigarette and I had it in my right hand. But I was switching it too, so I don't know if that's an issue. Never paid much attention to that. Since I have both arms there's no point in using only one to everything, right? :)
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    Okay! If a someone offered you arm-wrestle would you give your right or left hand?
  • Right hand, if would participate ;)
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    I hold knife in my right hand having scars on my left hand as a result. I can do different things using my right hand. For example, I can paint a picture holding a brush in my right hand. My left hand is stronger. I am not the only one in a situation when parents tried their naturally left-handed children to become right-handed. These people are unsure if they're left-handed or right-handed in their adulthoods.
  • I hold knife in right hand too. But I can paint a picture by using either left or right hand - in both cases the result would be high class abstractionism.

    Is there any difference which hand do you use? It's even better to be good in using both hands, you never know when somebody will throw a grenade near you, which will result in the amputation of one hand.
  • I'm right handed, but I would shoot from the left side with the hockey stick. I could also shoot from the right side, but I'm more comfortable using the left side. But I don't play hockey, so it doesn't count. :D

    I'm weird in the case of holding knife and fork, because I would hold both of them in my right hand, if it was possible. :D Cutting is not a problem, but I'm not 100% comfortable eating by left hand. I would first cut the food into little pieces and then just eat it with the fork by right hand. :D It's probably because of my family didn't teach me how to properly eat in my early childhood. But I don't care, I eat using my own freestyle. :D
  • I'm right handed. Not sure if I was initially left, but I was taught from childhood to use right hand.
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    @Kapitán Denis

    >It's probably because of my family didn't teach me how to properly eat in my early childhood.

    My parents thought it's important to teach their children  certain etiquette. Fork is on the left side of the plate. Knife is on the right side with the sharp end of the knife facing the plate.

    When I was doing military service on some occasions we used hands to eat food . We made fire throwing in potatoes in ash. Baked potatoes tasted delicious  when we were tired and hungry.

  • I type with both hands B)
  • @GLK
    >I type with both hands

    If keyboard doesn't work which hand would you use to hit it?
  • @GLK
    I type with both hands B
    You mean on a keyboard?
  • Lol, yes on a keyboard.  If I have a bad trade on the markets I always smash it with the right hand haha

  • I'm mixed-handed, like most people here, apparently. I write with my left hand, but for all other purposes my right side is dominant (f.e. throwing, using tools etc). And, yeah, I also use the fork with my right hand, unless I have to cut something, in which case I temporarily switch the fork to the left (i.e. no etiquette here either, but, hey, I'm in the Balkans - if you can't cut some civilizational slack here, where else?). My grandpa was very annoyed at my parents for not forcing me enough to become a rightie as a kid. Looking at my handwriting, I can see why (thank God for keyboards!)...
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    > Looking at my handwriting, I can see why (thank God for keyboards!)...

    My girl is saying my hand-writing is worse than she sees on medical presriptions. Thanks God we have computers and printers at home and work.
  • I am right handed but left footed, when I played soccer I always kicked with my left and feel more comfortable juggling and doing skilled things with my left foot. I also used to skateboard and pushed "mongo" and was always in goofy foot stance, something Wich is common for left footed people. So I am right handed a left footed but I would say my right foot has more coordination then my lefft hand. I have a twin though and i read some where that twins are more commonly ambidextrous. Maybe it's because of that 
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    >I have a twin though

    Twins can be quite different. Twins can even be from different fathers. I know such case when mother ovlulated twice having sex with different men. Identical twins have 100% genetic ancestry. It'd be not possible to determine who is father of the child of an identical twin. That's how similar are  identical twins born from the same egg. Identical twins are born when a single fertilised female egg divides into two. Most common twins are born when a female have two seperate eggs fertiliesed by sperm.

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    I'm also right eyed and left balled. :D
  • I am a fraternal twin, not identical. Thank goodness, it would be weird to not have my own identity. But he is definitely my full brother lol. 
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