Beautiful Women of Bosnia and Herzegovina by Maja Topčagić

Beautiful Women of Bosnia and Herzegovina by Maja Topčagić

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imageBeautiful Women of Bosnia and Herzegovina by Maja Topčagić

Maja Topčagić is from Bihać which is a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina and her main work is being a cumputer science teacher. However her true passion is photography and most of all portraits of gorgeous Bosnian women.

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  • These women are beautiful. I would not consider them southern European. They are typical Belarusian, Polish, Lithuanian.
  • @Sviatogor Then how do Southern Europeans look like? :D
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    Sviatogor brunets looks very west-Balkan Slav, red haired girl has unusual pigmentation for the region, but face strike me as a pan Europan.
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    @Kapitán Denis

    >Then how do Southern Europeans look like?

    My stereotype of southern Europeans is brunette, brown coloured eyes and men stocky with plenty of  hair on their bodies. In the region of my ancestry  we can have different phenotypes. One feature that stands out is colour of eyes. The colour of eyes are light - blue, gray, green. Even brunettes have light skin and light eyes. There's a saying : darks eyes cannot be trusted.

    Eyes of girls from BIH are light too.

    Light eyes map based on data of anthropologist (Coon)
  • They don't look out of place in ex-Yugoslavia. I'm certain they would pass in Bulgaria too.
  • I know a Bosnian Muslim girl, she has very blue eyes but dark hair.  I know another Bosnian Croatian girl and she has light hair and dark eyes 
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    Sviatogor  I think that that map is a crap,. and it can apply to Coon's work about south Slavs as a whole.
    Most thing he wrote about south Slavs are laughable.
  • @KnezIvan

    > I think that that map is a crap

    Maybe it's crap. In my honest opinion light eyes are common to the region of my ancestry - Vitsebsk region (northern Belarus).  We have a saying - "dark eyes cannot be trusted" because people with dark eyes are rare.
  • Sviatogor  I imagine Belrarus people as quite light eyed stock.
    But I guess  if Finland or Sweden according to Finns and Swedes I know have like 10% of dark eyes, I guess that Belarus has at least 20-30%  what would you say?
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    >I guess that Belarus has at least 20-30%  what would you say?

    An ordinary Belarusian guy or girl does not care about his or her physical appearance. We don't care how we look. So I don't know if it's 20-30% or 60-70%.

    I can state with certainty in my community: "people with dark eyes cannot be trusted". And slim girls with golden hair are beauties in our community.
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    These women are  so Belarusian looking of my region. I can't post the picture.

    Her name is Alyona Mikulchik. I will try again: . It doesn't happen. Copy the URL links in your browsers.
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    South-western Belarusians of Brest region. They are our most brunette people according to anthropologists. Probably they are most Slavic people of all Slavdom .

    Here are Slavs of western Pripyat region. :)

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    My region of ancestry is opposite to Brest region . My region is north-eastern Belarus next to the border of Latvia and north-western Russia - Pskov region.Belarusian Poleshuks and Pinchuks are like eastern Poles and Ukrainians of Volyn.  Belarusians of Vitsiebsk and Polotks gave our country the name - Belarus!

    But Poleshuks and Pinchuks of Brest and Pinsk regions are our people despite they speak dialect similar to Ukrainian.
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    I love Maja Topčagić . She has an eye for the beautiful and she knows how to masterfully capture it in her portraiture work.  Dont know why I cant add image but I mean
    I noted her in 2015 with collection of photos redheads models. Its was awesome . I even got cooper hair stylezz first time in my life
  • Digitally augmented pictures of three uncommon looking women..
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