Beautiful and Interesting Slavic Photos

Beautiful and Interesting Slavic Photos

Sometimes I see a photograph that makes me want to live inside the photo. This is one of those times. I love this photograph. By Ukrainian photographer Anna Senik. More of her work:

"Ukrainian Mother nursing her Baby." 
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  • Awesome idea @Karpivna keep posting more stuff! 
  • I love those pictures of landscapes, mountains, castles and old cities. They make me wanna go there.

    Here are some pictures of Tuscany..... pardon, Moravia from a quick Google search:

    More of this porn can be found here:
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    @Karpivna A partial titty photo is always a plus,although your love of boobs is well known by now..

    P.S.-And I wouldn't mind living in that photo either :D
  • A partial titty photo is always a plus,although your love of boobs is well known by now..

    I have a well-known love of boobs??? When did this happen? :D  I'm more a penis girl, myself, tbh.  :D 

    I love the house in the photo and the lifestyle. It wasn't about the boob, @Gvarda;)

    Which culture would you choose? 
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  • @Karpivna Most likely at teenage age :D Stop bragging,we know you like peens too :D

    Be honest,it was about the boob!

    Can't say,not enough boobs..


    Wow,I've never expected this coming out of you.
  • @Gvarda I must be feeling Nationalistic today. 
  • @Karpivna A star-spangled penis perhaps?
  • @gvarda I'd like a Slavic Embroidered one, please!  :D (Don't tell my American boyfriend of Prussian/English ancestry!)

    Gays all over Slavic Land? What is going on?

    Around 2,500 people took part in today’s Kyiv Pride March. They were guarded by 5 thousand law enforcers. The marchers chanted slogans “Rebel, love, don’t give up your rights”, “Human rights above all”, and “Ukraine for everyone”.

    What Putin thinks about Gays

  • @Karpivna since you mentioned it. Serbia just got it's first female prime minister and  in the same time it's first homosexual one and I think it's first who's national minority also. Yeah, Serbia where "Pride" parade is guarded by 5000 policemen got a Croat lesbian prime minister
  • @Karpivna
    Which culture would you choose?
    I'm not against gay people, but this LGBTQQIAAP movement or whatever takes it too far in my opinion. And all these two-gender, non-gender, pan-gender, genderless and all-gender people are just a product of idiocy.

    We live in a free society, you have your rights and nobody gives a fuck who you like and what you like to do with them and how you like it, but they're trying to push their "faggotness" to the whole society, especially young people and kids. There's a difference between a normal homosexual person and a faggot. And you don't have to be a homosexual to be a faggot. It's not a pejorative synonym of homosexual anymore.

    In my opinion, here in Europe, the Old Continent as it's called, we should keep some of our traditional values, something that our ancestors were building for hundreds of years. People here already follow and live the American lifestyle. Just add some palm trees and an ocean and there's no difference between Slovakia and California. :D

    Big up @Karpivna for supporting our "old" Slavic culture.  <3
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    Serbia just got it's first female prime minister and  in the same time it's first homosexual one...

    Ireland also just elected its first gay male prime minister.
    So they're incompatible. :D
  • It's great when the prime minister's gay, but unfortunately he's also a faggot.

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    Returning to topic...  :D

    Cleaning out files this morning, I found these paintings by Belarusian artist Dmitry Kustanovich. Very beautiful.

  • Some Ukrainian beauty. I know @Gvarda will enjoy these!  :D

  • @Karpivna The last image is the Ukrainian flag. <3
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