Serbia Got Its First Female & Gay Prime Minister Ana Brnabić

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Serbia Got Its First Female & Gay Prime Minister Ana Brnabić

Serbia has made a new step that shook its foundations, they chose Ana Brnabić as their first female and gay Prime Minister. The President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic has proposed her to be the one to form the new Serbian government reports Telegraph.

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  • So all those videos I've seen about "religious" Serbians - singing the national anthem and holding the 3-fingers up...that's all BS, I see. I guess Serbia's no different than the hedonistic West after all. Disappointing.
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    This has more to do with Vuchich being a faggot than Serbs in general liking perverts.
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    This is not definite. There are people in the current ruling coallition who opposes this choice, and are not willing to vote for her as prime minister, so she does not have majority of parliamentary voters. We'll see what happens
  • Looks like a political move by Vucic. I doubt that views on the LGBT community would have changed much compared to a few years ago. 
  • Lol, LGBT community ...
    "The prison wife union" and the "Butt blaster association". Wonder if they collect membership fees.
  • off topic, you used wrong CoA. That's Coat of Arms of Republic of Serbian Krajina, not Serbia. It's kind of funny since she's Croat...
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    True, I can see the three S-es, which stand for "Само Сатана Србина Спасава".
  • @aaaaa *four, nice try, we leave satan to our caseless neighbours...
  • @aaaaa I'd like to see you at one of those LGBT carnivals, would you go Schizo there? lol
  • Seriously, I wonder what the Serbian Orthodox Patriarch is thinking now having a Female Gay Croat as the PM of the nation?  I'd love to hear his opinion on the matter.
  • Omar Mateen did nothing wrong :D
  • @aaaaa he was a gay jihadist... you're getting liberal.
  • I don't get the drama... 
  • @GaiusCoriolanus that drama was the goal of our president (former PM). He's getting political points in the EU by showing how liberal our country is, while he will remain the person with absolute control. 

  • What do you think English people will pronounce her last name? Will they manage to do it and not sound like they're sayin Burn-a-bitch?
  • @Dušan so technically no homosexual people should be a politician, because someone will be accused of having some agenda? If she's fit for that work, then what's the problem?
    The other case is if she's not fit for that job, then I get it. I don't know however when she got appointed, if recently then it's a bit too early to make comments.

  • @GaiusCoriolanus I get what you're saying and I agree, but you're not familiar with the political situation here. Vučić organizes elections every two years to strengthen his power, his opposition is a mess and he uses that well. Last elections we had were for president back in April. Vučić, then the PM, won in the first round, even though 3 months earlier he said he would never run. Everybody in this country knows that Vučić is in charge and there were many theories who would be next PM, because we knew it has to be someone politically incompetent. All "political" ministries will go to the SPS, party headed by Dačić, demagogue and Milošević's right hand at the time, SNS (Vučić's party) and the rest of their partners will be in charge of the rest. Brnabić has no political experience, so politically she'll be a pawn or at least that's AV's plan. She is the best option of those available, but I don't think she'll have anything to do with actual policies. She was a relatively good minister.
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    >If she's fit for that work

    She's not even fit at not being a degenerate. Also, when a woman goes out of the kitchen, she automatically oversteps her area of expertise generally.
    What are the odds her "homosexuality" not being leveraged as an asset and her sole qualifications? About 0, I'd say.
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    @Dušan, okay but still she didn't started to govern. Indeed, I don't know the situation in Serbia, but you say: " Vučić, then the PM, won in the first round, even though 3 months earlier he said he would never run. Everybody in this country knows that Vučić is in charge and there were many theories who would be next PM, because we knew it has to be someone politically incompetent." <- well, somehow more than a half of this "everybody" voted for him.

    I had similar thoughts in Poland after the presidential elections. In first round I voted for someone, who haven't managed to be in second round. In the second round there was a guy from an ultra-Catholic party and a guy from pro-EU party, previous president. I am against both parties, but had to vote and picked previous president (who lost). I was very sceptic about this guy's winning, he picked also some lady I never knew to be a prime minister. But somehow they manage to protect Poland from any threats from the outside. I don't like their party, but what I see is that I made a judgement before I saw them in action - in many cases my judgement is correct, but they are not as evil as I thought.. I wouldn't, and surely I won't support them, due to different (kind of opposite in a way) ideology, but they are lesser evil than the previous government were.

    If your prime minister didn't started to work, nothing yet happened, but people already complain due to such triviality as sexuality, it's a judgement based on nothing important. Let her govern and wait for the results of it. Commenting her sexuality and using it as some kind of an argument is a foul and only proves that the opposite side has no real arguments against. It's like saying that guys whose penis is below certain size should not be soldiers, no matter that they don't use their dicks in fighting. How solid argument would that be?

    I'm not even going to comment that moron above, I already noticed that he has some kind of fetish about me and tries to piss me off about 3rd time recently.
  • @GaiusCoriolanus
    well, it isn't half exactly, it's more like 25%, since turn out was around 50%. Funny thing in third place with 9,6% was imaginary character, satirical parody of our politicians-Ljubiša Preletačević Beli. If there was a second round Vučić's opponent would be Janković, former ombudsman. Liberal, previously non political man. Between two of them I would go for Janković. But in reality as majority of people here I don't trust any of them, that's why I voted for Beli. Many people are blaming the whole system, I blame the people. People are making it all possible, we as people need to change first. "Every country has the government it deserves"

    I'm not complaining, most people aren't, at least not for those reasons. People don't judge her for her sexuality, but solely for her connections with Vučić and his party, people think she didn't need that in her life, that stain in her bio.
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