What does your nick mean?

I'm Panika, which means 'panic' in polish. My nick is connected with my surname.
What about your nick? How did you come up with idea for your new forum name? :)


  • The Greek root of my personal name - Nike, meaning Victory (not to be confused with the sportswear company (though I did initially use the similarity)). This was originally my whole nickname in a few Bulgarian forums years ago, but then in most international ones the name was already taken, so I thought of adding something extra. I'm not a fan of numbers in the nicknames (so no birth-year added at the end, which seems like an otherwise popular practice), so I thought "If not time, then space", hence my country of origin (initially I considered my city, but NikeSOF just doesn't have that ring to it).
  • It's my real name.
  • Daughter of Karp, Super Slav of Russian Empire who quit it and moved to America. Because America had more ice cream. 
  • my real name, I guess it's root is duša (soul). My parents gave it to me because it's popular both here, in Serbia and in Slovakia, although it's pretty rare among Slovaks here.
  • No idea what else to use. I think we all understand meaning behind it.
  • @Knez ;
    I think we all understand meaning behind it.
    Well... Actually... How would you translate your nickname into Slovak? Kňaz (priest) or knieža (duke, prince, count...)? :D
  • From my last name Засідко,  closely related to ukrainian word for ambush
  • my name translates to "heart of a lion" aka Lion heart
  • My name and the first letter of patronymic.  Not much else here.
  • @MikhailA ; Mikhail is such a great Slavic name. I like the personal name Misha. This name always reminds me of Mikhail Baryshnikov. 
  • My last name is Širka. And when I was opening mz gmail account ages ago, google recommended me Shirkaster, because the one I wanted was already taken. And since then I use it as my online pseudonym pretty much everywhere. 
  • My nickname was at first "Gaius Martius Coriolanus", but it was changed after the forum changed. It refers to this man: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaius_Marcius_Coriolanus

    But I don't remember why I chose that nickname. 
  • @GaiusCoriolanus ;

    I came across you on youtube before, you shared some slavic pride video, I cant remember exactly. I later realized it was you. 


    we have similar last names, just one letter difference
  • I don't post on YouTube. :P 
  • it was the exact name though, and about slavic pride. so i assumed it was you. 
  • Nah, it's not me. I'm far from posting any pride video. :) Someone stole my nickname then  :/
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