How to Survive a Nuclear Attack: Don't look at the flash!


  • Cash would no doubt be a sought-after commodity in the event of a nuclear attack.
    Like old newspapers, except pre-cut into convenient shapes and much more resilient than toilet paper.
  • Are we going to be nuked?  :'(
  • What probability do we think there is for a war between North Korea and US this year?

    All depends if NK can deliver on their communicated plans to launch ICBMs targeting 30km from the coast of Guam's US airbases, as show of their military capability.  If so, then I'd expect some retaliation, or at least heavy positioning of US military around the Korean peninsula.

    I think Russia has deployed military and its anti-missile system on its border with NK, mainly for any erroneous missile launches.
  • Too bad Kim is a poseur.
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