Slavic Countries Military! Are you ready to fight tonight?

USA is ready, I guess.  :#

Two U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancers assigned to the 37th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron, deployed from Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota, take off from Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, for training mission with South Korea and Japan, Aug. 11, 2017.

Is Ukraine ready?
Some Ukrainian troops must still rely on a shot-out, patched-up Soviet-era transport vehicle affectionately known as "The Banker."


  • we aren't ready for anything, our military was destroyed in 2000s, after the "democratic changes" as they call them. We switched to professional army with insufficient resources and we want to be neutral, so external help is pretty small. We have old equipment and under payed soldiers. Our military industry has made some weapons and vehicles in recent years (guns, armored vehicles, a drone etc.), but  don't think those are much of an indicator.
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    Is serving in military considered prestigeous and honorable in Serbia or young people are avoiding it due to lack of funding?
  • @Dušan Not only. Our army was destroyed during 1990's perhaps even more than in 2000's. In 2000's only heavy artilery was sold and compulsary consript army was abandoned. We can still produce the machinery. But many people hate army because they fought for them during almost a decade and Serbs made nothing out of it. I heard Serbs were selling the weapon to Bosnians and Croats during conflict in Croatia and Bosnia. Milosevic was as great traitor as much as those after him, after all he signed the treaty of Kumanovo and basically gave up Kosovo to Albanians, but there was more money in Serbia so he didn't need to bring the laws that would directly hurt welfare of the people. I think the morale was hurt the most during 1990's as it changed many people who'd gladly serve the army to such people that despise anything connected to the country, and those smarter who left would probably be the most productive part of society today if instead of waging the wars Serbia decided to use diplomatic means because lets face it we made nothing out of those 3 stupid wars.
  • @Sviatogor depends on who you ask. Serving voluntary (going through basic military training) is seen as honorable by majority, but also as foolish by some. Some view it as a job opportunity. I have few friends who did it, they are patriots and hoped they'll get a job out of it; they didn't. Going to academy and becoming an officer is seen as prestigious and honorable. Military academy became even more popular with young people in recent years due to a show aired on state TV "Vojna akademija" (Military academy), it follows life of cadets in Serbian army.

    @Shaokang of course, I agree, especially about Milošević being traitor (but more for some other reasons). But I still think our military was destroyed to bigger extent in 2000s although it undoubtedly lost trust of the people in the 90s. Serb forces rented tanks and artillery  to Croats and Bosniaks during Bosnian war...
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    As part of military aid Lithuania sent Ukrainian forces an armored tractor to be sent in the east of the country. The guy on video could not keep his smile seeing it.  :D

  • Not long ago PAK FA T-50 prototype got its official name Su-57. I want Belarus to have this plane. Unlikely we will have them. They are too expensive with one plane cost $100 mln. India can afford them.

    Su-57 fighter jet

    I also want our military to have B-2. This is most advanced bomber plane from USA. It's super expensive. Most expensive plane I read about. The price is $737 mln per unit.

    B-2 stealth bomber

  • @Sviatogor The videos of the Su-57 fighter jet and the B-2 stealth bomber were amazing! While I hate war, I do love displays of military hardware, especially Air Force and Airborne units. 
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