Zdravo ♡ Italian girl interested in Serbo-Croatian lang and Slavic culture

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Hi! I'm a 24 years old Italian girl with a passion for slavic culture. I'm a traveller and a polyglot wannabe, my serbian boyfriend helped me a lot introducing me to serbo-croatian languages :) I'm here to know more about the slavic heritage and their culture, that never fails to amaze me with deep rooted traditions and that familiar warmth between their people.

Beside that, I'd love to know more about many slavic cultures. I'm currently studying Romanian by myself and I'm in love with Russia since forever (i wrote a short story about Siberia when I was 6


  • I don't know why but it posted my introduction cut off. Well anyway! Feel free to message me sometimes, I just love to know more. See you around!
    Lots of love,
  • welcome to the forum, Silver one. I hope you'll find everything you want about us here. Do you speak any Slavic language? I couldn't get it from this.
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    Dobrodošla!  :)
  • Hello, welcome! Romanian is not Slavic language, since you are Italian I belive you know, but from you comment it sounded like that.
  • Welcome to the forum.
  • Hello and welcome! You are a Tomato dating a Potato.

  • The Serbs are in the tomato zone as well.

    And welcome, Srebrna!
  • @NikeBG ; Serbs are Tomatoes??? OMG.
  • @Karpivna Yea, two Tomatoes are dating. I'm a Potato European.
  • welcome to the forum. If you have any other italian girl friends who are single and dont already have a slavic boyfriend feel free to introduce them as well.
  • so I'm a mixed salad?
  • @Kapitán Denis @Dušan The potatoe gene is located on the y-chromosome which we inherited from our father. Dušan's father is Slovak therefore he inherited the potatoe Gene which is dominate over the maternal tomatoe gene.
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    That's the just the underclass. The nobility carry the pickled cucumber marker, no matter whether north or south of the pot-tom line.
  • Pickles marker? Isn't that a vodka heritage trait?
  • Hahahaha yes I do speak some serbian. I try my best at least! Yeah Romanian comes from Latin but some words are quite similar to slavic ones! Interesting mix! Anyway any help with my poor serbocroatian is always welcome! Hehe 
  • @Srebrna just ask away. Half of the forum members are Serbo-croatian speakers and that's, like, almost five active users in reality.
  • @Dušan hvala ti! ♡ 
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    Hi. btw as you can see, this silly forum is full of horny slav boys without any proper contact with real girls, but with lot of knowledge and desire to share it. go for it!
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