Belarus & Ukraine Breed Blue and Pink Potatoes

Belarus & Ukraine Breed Blue and Pink Potatoes

Blue and Pink Perogies??? What do you think? :p

2017 - Ukraine Breeds Pink and Blue Potatoes. 2014 - Belarus Breeds Pink and Blue Potatoes. Did Ukraine steal the formula from Belarus???  :D
Blue and Pink Potatoes
The new varieties contain 5-7 times more vitamins than their light counterparts 

Europe’s breadbasket produces more than grains. Ukrainian scientists have created two new  and very colorful  breeds of potatoes.

At first glance, it looks like a beet. But according to its breeders, the deep color is where the similarities end. In fact, it’s a new national Ukrainian product with Peruvian roots. There are two varieties. Breeders call the dark blue one “Solokha.” The pink one is given the name “Khortytsya.”


Blue potatoes

Shoppers in Belarus may soon be tempted by new breeds of potato with luridly blue and pink flesh, it's reported.

It's all part of a wider national effort by Belarusian scientists to develop new kinds of spuds with non-traditional colours, the Minsk Novosti news website says. There'll be blue, pink and purple potatoes that will taste as good as the more common white-yellow ones, according to Ivan Kalyadka, who heads the Research Centre for Potato Cultivation and Horticulture at the Belarusian Academy of Sciences.

Now that the nine-year breeding process is complete, the new kinds of potato are currently undergoing state testing. After that they'll be given the green light for full-scale cultivation, the report says. Their creators hope to use them in a variety of products, including crisps, chips and instant mashed potatoes. The potato is central to Belarusian cuisine, used in dishes such as draniki (potato pancakes) and babka (potato bake).

Non-traditionally coloured spuds have in fact been developed elsewhere, including the "Adirondack Blue", bred by potato breeders at Cornell University in the US. It's not known whether the new Belarusian breeds are similar to existing types, or entirely new creations.


  • >2017 - Ukraine Breeds Pink and Blue Potatoes. 2014 - Belarus Breeds Pink and Blue Potatoes. Did Ukraine steal the formula from Belarus??? 

    Not necessarily. It looks like new blue and pink varieties in Belarus encouraged Ukrainian scientists to do the same.
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    tomato for the salad, apple for dessert, pickled cucumber with your moonshine (made out of pears).
    pink potato for the salad, purple potato for dessert, pickled potatoes with your moonshine (made out of potatoes)
  • @aaaaa

    pickled cucumbers or mushrooms are favourite. So are apples. Back in the days certain types of tomatoes would not get ripen in northern part of the country. But as the saying goes "potatoes is second bread". :)
  • Potatoes are fine. So, cucumbers do grow in Belorus, then? You learn something every day ...
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