How does Pripiyat river look in spring?


  • wow I would love to go and see that one day.
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    According to some historians, this was the birthplace of the Early/Proto-Slavs?

  • @Sviatogor
    Are those photo's close to the city of Pripyat and Chernobyl?  Are those marshes a no-go zone?

    Such a shame that region surrounding Chernobyl and the city of Pripyat was ruined by Modern Slavs, I bet the Proto-Slavs wouldn't be happy about that and turning in their graves!   :/
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    Unlikely! Pripyat is a large river begins in north-western Ukraine runs through southern Belarus flowing into Dniepr river which is just north of Kiev. The place where Pripyat and Dniepr meet the accident in Chernobyl occured. There, people don't live anymore. On the picture above you can see settlements. I 'd assume the pictures are taken in south-western Belarus - further west of Pinsk city.
  • These photos are stunning!  <3 My favorite is #10 with the red buildings. #14 looks like an abstract painting. The Pripyat crosses a corner of Northwestern Volyn. There is a national park there.
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    Yes! Number 10 is beautiful

    I mentioned on this forum once. Belarusian language has around 45-50 terms for a swamp. We don't use these terms everyday but we can understand them.

  • @Sviatogor How do they prevent wild-life from entering and exiting the no-go zone around Chernobyl?  Do they block water tributaries in that region?

    Yeah, you are right, it seems people are living there, so it must be somewhat ok, it must be outside the no go zone.
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