Obtaining great grandparents birth records

Obtaining great grandparents birth records

My great grandfather was born in Dalmatia in 1902 and immigrated to US in 1921. I have been told that he never became a US citizen so am trying to find his birth records /. Birth certificate but not sure how. I know his date of birth and his name (though I am not sure if his name I know is his birth Croatian name or an American version) and his parents names and dobs as well.

anyone know how to get his records?


  • Can you write here the name and surname of your grandfather?
    Maybe through his surname we can make a start... And Dalmatia is large area, but nevertheless
  • Name is George Frank Zagar - born 04/21/1902 and came to US in 1921 or 1922. Not sure if that was his birth name or an American version of his Croatian name.
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    I don't know where you could obtain the birth records.

    In case you need some more info...
    "George" and "Frank" are obviously English names, I found possible Croatian/Serbian forms of those names:
    Juraj, Jurica, Jure, Đuro, Đorđe, Đorđo, Đukan, Đurađ, Đurđe, Đoko, Đoka, Đuro, Đura
    Franjo, Frane, Frano, Fran, Franja, Francisko

    Name Zagar is a possible cognate with west Slavic Zachar/Zachara/Zachr, although this name is present in so many countries/languages and in so many forms that it's really problematic to tell the true original name of your great grandfather. However, I found Žagar to be very popular in Slovenia and Croatia according to this site: http://forebears.io/surnames/žagar

    EDIT: I think the site doesn't make a difference between Z and Ž, so it includes Zagar as well.

    EDIT no. 2: I found this map, if that would help...
  • Thanks, a google search proves fruitless to find Croatian versions of his name so this will help give me a starting point :-)
  • I just saw on the 1940 U.S. Census his birth location was listed as Laustro and native language German but I know through the family that he was born in Dalmatia, maybe that would narrow down to where in Dalmatia he was born? I don’t know the region at all so I have no clue :-|
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