Pictures of Moscow city

Pictures of Moscow city

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Moscow has changed in the last several years. Currently, it's going through renovation with old panel 5 storey apartments built during Khrushchev's era are taken down.


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    Ok, I'm going to believe these photos are authentic and not the work of the Russian troll agency.  ;)

    Who is the statue of in photo 18? Thank you!

    Where are the people who lived in the old building relocated? Or, were the apartments vacant? How does Russia find the money for such renovations? Or is the construction of low-quality?

    Still going through all the photos. Quite amazing body of work! @Sviatogor Thank you for sharing this information!
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    There are two common types of housing. Privately owned and state owned. Most Muscovites privatised their apartments in the last 25 years given to them by the government as privatisation was free for people. The government gurantees new apartments of the same size and quality or larger size within the same district (raion) . The government will pay for demolition and new apartments.

    Except for some regions. Some 5,000 houses affecting upto a million, usually five storey apartments built between 1957-1968 will be taken down. Those are ugly apartments between 30-60sqm size often made of panels. People can get financial compensation based market price or pay extra money to get better apartments.  There are several options. Four -five storey apartments are taking a lot of space in the city People living in government owned apartments will also get an opportunity to get government apartment or privatise them. . The realisation of the program is 15 years. This type of apartments will be taken down :

    A lot of people are unhappy about renovation, as they don't want to move out from five storey apartment in high rise buildings.

    The statue is to Maxim Gorky.

  • Each house has around 80-100 apartments. The renovation program is going to affect more than 1 million people.
  • Looks great... Time to move to Moscow, before the prices go through the roof!
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