Bulgarians are no worse than most people

Bulgarians are no worse than most people

Daniel Smilov


Bulgarians are a selfish and deluded lot, said Daniel Smilov. That’s the conclusion many are drawing from a survey of Bulgarian values commissioned by the Institute for Right-Wing Policy. 

The survey found, rather depressingly, that the typical Bulgarian “doesn’t particularly appreciate democracy or the rule of law; hates refugees, Roma, and the rich; and demands free education and health care.” The think tank that sponsored the survey hoped it would show that the country was at heart right-wing. Instead, it merely revealed Bulgarians to be narrow-minded and economically illiterate. The only conservative beliefs we hold are a distaste for immigrants, homosexuality, and taxes. 

On economics, we are statists, with more than 90 percent saying education and health care should be free and 86 percent agreeing that the state has an obligation to find us a job. 

Pundits have said those results—a love of freebies coupled with a disdain for government—show civic ignorance. But the truth is that surveys in other countries show similar levels of idiocy: Three out of four Americans can’t even name the three branches of government. Those who expect a voter to be “a highly educated and civically engaged person who can be challenged with complex sociopolitical tasks” are doomed to disappointment—not just in Bulgaria, but everywhere.

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The Trend Research Company (Bulgaria) did the survey commissioned by the Institute for Right-Wing Policy.  Trend's website: https://rctrend.bg/project/изследване-на-ценностните-нагласи-на-2/

Exploration of the Value Attitudes of Bulgarians

More serious differences in the values ​​of the Bulgarians are found especially among the youngest and the oldest. The dominant opinion is that Bulgaria is a democratic country, and elections are the best mechanism for determining power. Marriage is still a value in the lives of Bulgarians despite its erosion among the younger generations.

These are just some of the main lessons of the second part of the study by Trend Research Center, commissioned by the Right Policy Institute. The survey was conducted between 3 and 10 October 2017 among 1004 adult Bulgarian citizens by the face to face method.



  • Very interesting article indeed (the full Bulgarian one)!
  • Well, no worse than most people is not good enough.
    Mathew 5:20
    For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.
  • Huh, in that regard, the statistics in the article are schizophrenically amusing (which seems to be typical for us as a whole, as evidenced by our statism and, at the same time, distrust for government (although that could instead simply be a symptom for commie-nostalgia, which has steadily been growing since the early 90s)):
    "62% of the people claim they believe in God, but nearly the same number - 58% - don't consider religion to be something particularly important in their life. The same percent - 60 - are convinced that religious institutions should not play a role in the governance of the country."
  • Eureka. The average voter is an idiot.
  • My favorite part: 86 percent agreeing that the state has an obligation to find us a job.  :D 
  • The survey found, rather depressingly, that the typical Bulgarian “doesn’t particularly appreciate democracy or the rule of law; hates refugees, Roma, and the rich; and demands free education and health care.”

    What is the point of a country if you need to pay literally everything or a nation if you treat foreigners as your own (or even better than your own)? If that's what typical Bulgarian looks like then I salute the typical Bulgarian for not allowing medias to shape their opinions based on something they call "tolerance" and on resistance to fall under monetary slavery.

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    Thats probably the only part where I don't agree with typical Bulgarian. Country should not provide you job, however country should provide healthy conditions for starting your own business, and not to open bunch of IKEAs, Metros and other large shopping malls
  • @Shaokang I agree with you about refugees and perhaps other immigrants taking vital resources from a nation.

    These numbers show why America cannot support more illegal immigrants and refugees.
    1. 1 in 6 people in America face hunger.
    2. The USDA defines "food insecurity" as the lack of access, at times, to enough food for all household members. In 2011, households with children reported a significantly higher food insecurity rate than households without children: 20.6% vs. 12.2%.
    3. Food insecurity exists in every county in America. In 2013, 17.5 million households were food insecure. More and more people are relying on food banks and pantries. Collect food outside your local supermarket for a local food bank. Sign up for Supermarket Stakeout GL.
    4. 49 million Americans struggle to put food on the table.
    5. In the US, hunger isn’t caused by a lack of food, but rather the continued prevalence of poverty.
  • @Karpivna
    My personal opinion is that America should host plenty of Middle Easterners and North Africans after directly involving in destruction of any viable living conditions there.
  • @Karpivna
    It's interesting that it's not only the people who are statist, but even the businesses - f.e. I was recently listening to some of their representatives, demanding that the state provide them with more qualified workers (instead of training them themselves, which they wouldn't do anyway, as they're now importing Ukrainians, Moldovans and, apparently, even the Vietnamese are making a comeback).
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    @Shaokang I don't believe citizens should bear the consequences of stuff done by their government. There are many people with different opinions and attitude.
    I wouldn't have a problem with your proposal if the USA was a direct democracy, though.
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    @Kapitán Denis
    I understand the way you feel about it, but what you say is a bit contradictory to what I wrote. If you think country should provide its citizens then citizens are definitively responsible for the country, and so also responsible for the policy of the country - be it good or bad. And silence in this case is a sign of approval.
  • @Shaokang There are many people who protest against evil policies. They have no power to change things. And you want them to pay for the acts of their government? Do you even realize that if you want to sanction a country for the actions of their government, you actually don't do any harm to those who are responsible for it, but rather those who are the poorest and most powerless?
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    @Shaokang ; As @Kapitán Denis says, people did protest America's involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan -- to deaf ears. Bush did not even get Congressional approval to invade! He just gave the executive order, because Saddam had WMD. Of course, that turned out to be a big lie, but it was too late to reverse course. 

    The USA government spends my tax dollars all over the world without my direct approval. What can I do?  

    If I had my druthers, America would not be involved in any military actions outside of protecting our borders. USA needs that money within our own cities and towns. 

    Also, we have taken in so many Muslims, that they are the majority in many cities. Hamtramck, Michigan was founded by Polish immigrants. It is still considered a Polish city, however the majority of citizens are Muslim immigrants. The photo below is what I see when I go to the Polish Art Center there.  :*

  • @Karpivna
    The picture is awesome
  • I think @Shaokang is a big fan of McDonald's.
  • @Kapitán Denis
    Oh yeah, especially when its seemingly empty and desolated.
  • @Kapitán Denis I thought @Shaokang was a big fan of women wearing niqabs and chadors.  :D @Shaokang That area of Hamtramck is very deserted. All the white people have mostly moved away. Many abandoned houses and buildings. Hamtramck is a suburb of Detroit. 

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    Citizens are to be held responsible for anything their government does. After all, doesn't that government act on their behalf? If they don't like it, they should change it.
    You don't get to have a government whose excuse is doing the "will of the people" and citizenry who blame the government when bad things happen.

    @Shaokang ;
    >The picture is awesome

    Nah, needs more explosions.
  • @aaaaa Yes, right. Politicians are corrupt because we want them to be, the media lie to us because we want them to, the jurisdiction is unjust because we want it to be. And even if we replace the authorities with someone else, it happens again. It's all citizens fault. Is this what you want to say?
    In many republics electing a representative is like electing a dictator (to some extent).
    Our politicians work like mafia, for example, and they won't give up. Nothing can stop them. And 1990s were even crazier.
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