I am the Messiah, I can decode all Baba Vanga messages & others.

I am the Messiah, I can decode all Baba Vanga messages & others.

I am the Messiah-Christ-Kalki-Mahdi-Udumbara Flower Holy King-other names
I am unifying all nations, religions, people, animals, plants & others. I am offering free gateway to immortal life and heaven. I am seeking nothing, not money power follower or any kind of energy both in material & spirit level.

If you want to do an interview or know more about me, please visit https://angelteam.wordpress.com
100% free, no commercial at all, and there are a lot of content you can post to your website as well.

Thanks & Regard,


  • Oh, I remember you from this video.

  • Can you decode old Russian and Polish from the 19th century? If so, I have some documents I would like you to decode for me. Irina from Ukraine wanted $300 dollars for the job. :s I like you offer your services for free! Thank you, good luck and blessings! 
  • I wish we still stoned people for blasphemy.
  • @aaaaa People are stoned even today. It just has a different meaning. ;)
  • edited December 2017
    @Kapitán Denis

    Yeah, the technique and the results differ. Traditional stonings are a great custom and should be cherished and preserved. Good for the stoner, too, unlike the modern version. Go inorganic - Go old school.
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