i enjoy slavic music so much more while drunk

i enjoy slavic music so much more while drunk

is there a scientific reason why idoli and prljavo kazaliste sound good when you're sober but out of this world excellent when you're drunk?

pozdrav iz amerike jebi mi u bulju


  • Looks like you entered the Slavic portal.
    Only people with Slavic genes can do that.
    There's a secret (not so secret anymore) Slavic channel that you can connect to. When you do that, your Slavic senses strenghten and you become a Superslav.

    The alcohol strenghtens the signal. When you have enough alcohol in your blood, you're able to communicate with other Slavs regardless of their native tongue.

    The Slavic channel helped Russians defeat Germans:

    If you drink too much alcohol, you'll become illuminated. You'll see a light at the end of a tunnel.
  • I mostly enjoy being drunk, but music would be nice, too.
  • im enjoying maljciki by ideol drunk once again. is it because i am 1/4 norwegian? are there slavic slave genetics in my family line? HOW DRUNK were my east slavic ancestors? can they even think? no wonder the proto indo european r1a slavic hordes took over euorpe for all time. they must have been drunk off their ass  and didt give a fuck about anything
  • seriously, no one is going to mention this guy's desire to be butt fucked?
  • @Dušan
    We all ignored that part, seems to be typical balkan speech when drunk. Usually it involves mothers though 
  • This is why Sviatogor doesn't like South Slavs. :D
  • @srdceleva no it's not, yes we do swear, have really strange jokes etc. but I don't know a single person who would said that to people they aren't familiar with. I could be funny among friends, but not always.
  • @Dušan so this guy is just a freak then. Not suprising considering his profile pic
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