Kapitán Denis


do you guys not believe in a spiritual world at all or just refuse to believe in organized religions?

I don’t really care if it exists or not.

our families influence us in every way its impossible to ask parents to not project on their children. Youre parents make all of the decisions in your life until you are of a reasonable age.

Of course parents make all the decisions in your life when you’re young, but I’m talking about indoctrination. Many parents just pump their own beliefs to their children since the day they’re born. And it’s sad if the first word a child says is “Jesus” instead of “mama”. 😀 I’m just saying parents should teach their children critical thinking. Critical thinking means ability to look at problems from the 3rd person view, or see things from different angles.

Were your parents devout Christian?

My parents never lived a “Christian lifestyle.” They never went to church except if their friends got married there and stuff like that. They never talked with me about their beliefs. My dad has a rosary on his rearview mirror in his car, though. 😀