My parents were rather religious, yes. We went to church every Sunday, respectively as a kid I went to Sunday school and then the church’s teenage group (except for the summers, when I had to sit through the whole service like an adult), my dad was also a deacon in the church, member of the church council and on top of that worked for 15 years in a Christian organization. My first real-life contact with Americans was the discussions we/they had with the newly arrived Mormon missionaries in the area (quite polite, even when arguing), followed by a plethora of foreign guests to our church and dad’s organization.
Still, I guess that comes to show that even if you’re “indoctrinated” as a child, as soon as puberty hits, it doesn’t matter that much anymore – if you’re gonna develop a mind of your own, you’re gonna do it regardless of the doctrines. And vice versa – you might be raised “free”, but end up for some modern New Age mumbo-jumbo cult instead.


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