I would like your comment if I could. I agree as long as no one is denied contact with the outside world and the ability to learn about different ideas and views you will make your own decisions as an adult. I just find it amusing that some people think of Christians indoctrinating their children as wrong but they wouldnt hesitate to tell there children God doesnt exist, how stupid religion is etc. Its only indoctrination when it doesnt agree with youre view point.

As Ive mentioned many times before I understand all of your points of views but I find it hard to deny the existence of a spiritual reality. There are definitely charlatans and attention seekers who try to claim supernatural powers or whatever, but then there are many people(saints) who I find genuinely appealing and who have thousands upon thousands of people attesting to their legitimacy. Padre Pio for example is a very remarkable figure who when I read about him doesnt seem to be some kind of charlatan. I mean what did he get out of his life? he wasnt scamming anyone. Also there are so many people who attest to having experienced actual miracles in his presence.

this is a great movie, even if you arent a believer I think anyone could appreciate the acting.


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