A Cruel Romance: Russian, historical and with Nikita Mikhalkov! I need to see it. Thanks again, Kudesnik.

I find Georgian movies very similar in atmosphere with Russian ones. Maybe I should't be very surprise, if I'm thinking that Tarkovsky was influenced by Paradjanov. Here are some georgian movies which I think are masterpieces:

Sergei Parajanov:

Shadows of our forgotten ancestors (1964, w/English subtitles)

The Legend of the Surami Fortress (1984) Movie "in Russian"

Color of Pomegranates (Sergei Paradjanov, 1968)

Tengiz Abuladze:

«Repentance» (1984) Directed by T. Abuladze

Древо желания / Tree Of Desire / Natvris khe / ნატვრის ხე (1976)


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