Are you sure it’s not Tarkovsky influenced Paradjanov? :)

We have a well known film producer out of Georgia. His name was Georgy Daneliya.

His notable movies

Я шагаю по Москве! (I walking in Moscow)
Kin-Dza-Dza .This is a cult movie in Russia and former USSR republics. Evgeny Lenov and Yuri Yakovlev iconic movie actors in Soviet cinematograph аре in leading roles.

I would recommend Mimino. This is a good movie.  :)

PS We had an unpleasant discussion recently whether or not we should post artistic works by non-ethnical Russians in this forum. I know it’s crazy, especially if a book, music or a movie is related to the Russian culture.

You have right. Tarkovsky influenved Paradjanov; now I checked; I read about their friendship long time ago and how much Tarkovsky appreciated Paradjanov . My mistake.

About the disscusion of non-ethnical Russians on this forum; well, this topic is about our favorite movies , not about our slavic favorite movies . And, as you can see, here are many movies from USA, so I can't see why Georgian directors who won important prizes , even for example at Cannes (Abuladze) wouln't fit  :).
But if it is any problem with non slavic masterpieces I will stop posting them (even though I'm posting them rarely).


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