You have right. Tarkovsky influenved Paradjanov; now I checked; I read about their friendship long time ago and how much Tarkovsky appreciated Paradjanov . My mistake.

About the disscusion of non-ethnical Russians on this forum; well, this topic is about our favorite movies , not about our slavic favorite movies . And, as you can see, here are many movies from USA, so I can't see why Georgian directors won important prizes even, like for example at Cannes (Abuladze) wouln't fit  :).
But if it is any problem with non slavic masterpieces I will stop posting them (even though I'm posting them rarely).

I personally decided not to . No more from composer Rakhmaninov, poetess Akhmatova, poet and signer Okudzhava and probably Aleksandr Pushkin himself.  ::)

Anyway, thanks for the movies.  :) I didn't watch Georgian movies you listed.


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