Interesting thread. I must say that I pretty much agree with Sokil, "to test my self-discipline." I haven't eaten meat since last November, though I occasionally do fish. Though, a vegetarian diet is pretty cool I think, I do not really miss meat at all. People, as a species, only really started to eat meat en masse after refrigeration and chemistry (preservatives, etc…) got good enough. Before that it was only if you were rich or very rarely. Farmers needed animals to work and produce for the most part, though once they got old they would go to slaughter so as not to be wasted.

However, today my main argument against the meat industry is that it is total and absolute shit for the most part. Industrial farming is just plain messed up and totally wasteful. Food production could be greatly increased if we had less meat and used that grain to feed people or grow other crops. Food would take a step back to being organic (as a normal thing) and meat itself would be better since it would be free range.

No matter what people say, or how many fancy ads they make, I refuse to believe that KFC is chicken, it's inbred mutants!


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