Yeah, I see what you are saying. The nobles at meat quite frequently, it was a sign of wealth. This is why I think that when refrigeration was invented and meat production became cheaper, everyone went apehsit crazy for meat… "nouvelles riches." It is akin to people wearing cheap jewelry or that bling stuff that some Americans wear, the illusion of wealth and status. And you are right about the animal fat. In Poland, there is this fat spread called "smalec" – it is like butter, but purely from animal fat and it has the little bit of meat that nobles wouldn't buy! It is so thick and extremely caloric, but I guess when you have to do farm labor in the winter, it is the perfect thing to eat!

And you are right about vegetables… some call the new farming method "frankenfoods." Greencepeace uses this slogan I believe. Like with the KFC "chicken mutants," people are perverting nature like hell. It's crazy.


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