Yes Husarz i hope people start to realise that we have shity food in our supermarkets. So if any of you have any land that can be cultivated i think you should cultivate it. I am beekeeping and i grow pumpkings but i will try to diversfy my "farming" next year!

That's awesome. If communities started to do that, then it would be more and more possible to avoid the mega-corporate chains. It has been tried before many times, including in Germany under Hitler: the idea of "Blut und Boden" – Blood and Soil – as the livelyhood of the people. But they were just trying to being back a time when it was normal for food to be locally produced. Unfortunately, Slavic Europe fell under the Marxist yoke and we had collectivized farming. Mega-corporate farms are just the capitalist version of that :-

But grow what you can and encourage others in your area to do so too!


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