In looking for west slavic folklore, I have seen mentioned a different goddess of death than Marzanna:


Sometimes as a goddess, and at other times as a type of spirit. Always associated with dying.

Does anyone know anything more about this? Please help to clarify. I'm very curious as to wether or not this is a real deity or spirit.

Božalošć i.e. Božja Žalost is just a spirit/creature in Slavic Wendish mythology.

"While there is an agreement that 'Božalość' means "God's Lament', the opinions about the etymology differ. In some opinions it is the contraction of "Boža žaloć", i.e., "God's Pity". Another opinion is that the word "Glosc" in the meaning of "lament" can be found in manuscripts of as early as the 17th century, and the attribute 'Boža' i.e., "God's" was added in folklore later, similarly to the poetic usages "God's wind", "God's Sun", etc."

"A 1886 article Das Spreewaldhaus by W. v. Schulenburg associates it with the Elder Bush and describes it as a woman dressed in white with long braided hair and red eyes"

"Biren Bonnerjea describes it as a little woman with long hair, who cries under the window of someone who is about to die."


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