First of all, religion should be personal thing and whatever reason anybody has to follow it is their reason and theirs alone.
It is not for them to justify or for anyone else to criticize. How would you know what they feel and how they apply it in their daily lives?

Every religion has wisdom, morals, values and virtues that attract person to this faith and makes them want to apply them in daily lives.
I see no reason whatsoever why Christianity has any “deep feeling” or “ancient wisdom and how apply it today. Explain not in theory, but also how to practically do it” any more than native European heathenism or any other religion around.

Religion is subjective and should be kept to individual level and in any sane society it should be separated from state. Some elements like a religious moral compass area good things like the Ten Commandments and general concentration of Abrahamic faiths is on actions of an individual and how do those actions influence the people around them. These positive elements should be encouraged in private life but the workings of the state should not decided by 2000 years dogmas of which some don’t have a place in today’s world.