From everyone? Nah, not really. It reminds me of the recent/current case here (in Bulgaria) of Musicauthor (a monopoly, holding the rights for practically all modern music) vs. BNR (the Bulgarian National Radio), with the former extorting the latter, demanding a sudden threefold increase in license payments just because they felt like it (respectively, BNR is currently airing only classical, folk and jazz, since its budget, i.e. our tax-money, couldn’t cover the demanded increase). At the same time, many of the actual performers – you know, the actual musicians, the everyone – started transferring rights to the BNR on their own, because they don’t really see that much of Musicauthor’s profits anyway. Likewise, I’ve worked in a gaming studio and I have seen things I’ve worked on being available in torrents – and I, as a simple worker, not only didn’t give a damn about it, but even used it to obtain some copies of the projects I had worked on myself. Let the big company worry about “lost profits”, if you ask me.

On-topic: In addition to still snailing Norman Davies, I’ve also moved on to Michael Garleff’s “The Baltic states. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania from the Middle Ages to modern days”. After that planning on trying some recent historical novels – Anton Donchev or Tokoras Isto or maybe Bernard Cornwell. Either that or some fantasy – Sanderson f.e. (was also planning to check Heinlein’s Starship Troopers and then re-watch the movie, but that shouldn’t take long).