Thank you all for sharing information about customs in your countries! :)  Carp is not a traditional item on the holiday menu of Ukrainians, afaik. Herring, yes. Where I live in USA, carp has a very bad reputation as a garbage fish. It is neither eaten, sold, nor intentionally fished. Maybe European carp is of higher quality?

My Ukrainian ancestors came from Volyn, Ukraine. Volyn has over 200 lakes. Fishing is a popular sport. A little research revealed a huge Carp Fishing Competiton in Volyn (Krichevichi, Volyn, Ukraine).  Also, a man was recently arrested for trying to shoot the carp in a lake near my grandmother’s village. WTF?!

Anyway, here is the abbot of the temple of the Holy Martyr Paraskeva village Osivtsi Father Sergei Prikhodko recently picked up on the hook for a 14-pound carp. Kamin-Kashyrskyi raion, Volyn, Ukraine. I am unsure if this Carp was eaten. http://volynfish.at.ua/news/ribalski_rekordi/1-0-11