Ok, my dialect is from Florina/Lerin.  Its a spoken dialect, and was only taught at home and not at a school.  Its very close to Bitola dialect and literary Macedonian.  My vocabulary is not very extensive, and sometimes we used different words – a real basic example was my Grandparents would say “pee/peeyash” for reading/read instead of “chita/chitam”.  My Grandparent’s only went to Greek school in Greece, but spoke Macedonian at home as their primary language, despite not being taught it at a school, so it was pure dialect in that sense.

So in relation to some of your comments, we would say “pat”, as distinct from “pat” said in english, like a deeper “a”, very similar to literary macedonian.  We also for your example of “shepherd” is definitely ovchar.  I’m pretty certain we say “Sinot”, as in “Sinot me beshe na dhukan” – My son was at the shop.  We also normally say “Ubav”/”Ubava”, I just wrote “Hubav” as it was a Bulgarian thread.  

So overall, its probably closest to literary Macedonian.  Where I struggle is, I lack depth in the vocabulary, as I was taught simple village speech.  

I also have a dictionary from the Macedonian dialect of Lerin/Kostur (Florina/Kastoria) on this link: 

Florina’s slavic language according to this, is the same as the main dialect of literary macedonian:

Might be easiest if I write a few random passages.  

Jas bev vo dhukan.  
I was at the shop.

Jas piyam edno chai.
I am drinking one tea (a tea).

Sho praish?
What are you doing?

Kako si?
How are you?

Jas bev na pampour na more. 
I was on the ship at sea.

Jas vozem kolata.
I am driving the car.

Ako beshe na more, zasto ne se plivashe?
If you were at the sea, why did you not swim?

Zasto odish na planina?

Why are you going to the mountains?

Sho reche?

What did you say?

Oti ne me reche/kaza oti beshe na priyateli kukyata?
Why did you not tell me you were at your friend’s house?

Jadenjeto mnogu gorchi.
The food is bitter/hot.

Zemi leb so chorbata.
Take some bread with the soup.

Opitaya ako je otvoreno.
Ask if it’s open.

Jadim edno jabolko za ruchek.
I am eating an apple for breakfast.