@Gvarda Maybe someone should contact this woman to write an article for Slavorum about “Ukrainian Wooden Churches.”  She heads up the Ukrainian Wooden Church Project.

Wooden churches of Ukraine Project

Welcome to the Wooden Churches of Ukraine website – the first web resource dedicated to Ukrainian wooden architecture. At this page you can find information about the project, a part of which is this website, and about the people who have worked on it. How to take part in the website developing you can see here.

About the author

My name is Olena Krushynska, I’m the author and the one who realizes the “Creation of an internet portal and a photo catalogue of wooden architecture monuments “Wooden Churches of Ukraine”” supported with the grant of the President of Ukraine for talented youth.

I live in Kyiv, my native and favourite city. I graduated from Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University where I work at present as a member of professor O. Zaporozhets’ scientific team and defended a Ph.D. thesis on analytical chemistry. My passion is to travel around towns and villages of Ukraine in search of architecture and nature wonders. I cooperate with “Mizhnarodnyj turyzm” (International tourism), “Welcome to Ukraine” and some other magazines and also engage in creating my own websites. 


I was just this evening reading a nine-page PDF on Ukrainian paganism. “Paganism in Ukraine:
Its Beliefs, Encounter with Christianity,
and Survival.” http://e-aaa.info/reflections/articles/2006/07en-PV.pdf

I also recommend the book 

The Return of Ancestral Gods: Modern Ukrainian Paganism as an Alternative Vision for a Nation” by Mariya Lesiv

Here she is interviewed in by a radio program.