@GLK – beautiful! I know that you can speak Macedonian… in a dialect, at least. So, I was wondering could you present to us your dialect. Because, you seem to listen to songs in literary Macedonian, so could you tell us what differences have you noticed between the way you speak, and the literary Macedonian?

I’m curious about the way you speak. I’ve never heard your dialect, but I know from literature, that it’s said, that in these “Southern Dialects” (from Aegean Macedonia) – old Slavic nasal vowels still exist… so “path” is said “pǫt” (пѫт), in contrast to standard Macedonian “pat” (пат), Serbian “put” (пут), and Bulgarian “p’t” (the schwa – път).
Same with “tooth” – zǫb (зѫб) / zab (заб) / zub (зуб) / z’b (зъб)

Same goes with the other nasal vowel (small yus), which has became “e” in MK, SR, and BG – so number “five” – would be said: “pęt” (пѧт) – in contrast to SR, MK and BG: “pet” (пет).

I know you have “u” where MK, SR and BG have “o” – “sheppard” is “ufčar” (уфчар) – MK, SR and BG: “ovčar” (овчар). Also you have u in the definite suffix “-ut” – “the son” is said: “sinut” (синут) – MK: “sinot” (синот) – BG: “sin’t” (синът)…

Also, you have “h” where it was lost in standard Macedonian… like for example “hubav” (хубав) like in Bulgarian, in contrast to Macedonian and Serbian “ubav” (убав)… also “dry” is “suh” (сух) like in BG, in contrast to MK “suv” (сув) [Serbian uses both “suh” and “suv” – although “suv” is more standard]. etc. Also, the “-h” exists in past tense, like in Bulgarian and Serbian unlike MK “-v”. etc.

Can you tell me are these correct, and do you recognize these characteristics in your speech? Also, can you write something in your dialect, write a message in it, we’ll understand, we speak Macedonian. :smiley: