I voted religious, but the best way to describe what I believe is probably the word 'Spiritual'.
I feel, in my heart, that there is [size=12pt]something[/size] out there. I don't know what, and quite frankly, [size=12pt]I just don't care.[/size]
There are many things we, Humans, don't understand yet, and maybe won't ever understand.
I'm content with that fact; knowing and understanding isn't always necessary, and some things are better just left alone.
[size=12pt]What do you do when you meet your maker?[/size]
You'd have a lot of questions to ask, yes, and then what?

Man seeks knowledge above all else…
but perhaps this isn't the best way to go about life.
At least when it comes to things of this nature.

I don't follow any religion closely; I read up on a lot of different ones regarding all the philosophies and I take on the ideas I like[size=14pt],[/size]
while I discard the ones that are useless to me at this point in my life.
Simple as that.