@Sviatogor That it was clear that some markers frequently appeared in a group of people than in any other group. What are the causes of this advent we can not know, although it can be speculated. Actually I wanted to say, a gene is a universal program for building the body and its functioning. Be sure that the program, by its nature, has the ability to update in order to adapt to changes in the environment. Thus, the gene information and molecular categories. The people is defined by history, tradition and culture, but the people of the ethnic categories. The nation is a political term state-building of the people, and among the political class. All three categories are dimensionally different and incommensurable with one another, if we do not introduce various coefficients and criteria. But then it does not receive a direct link between them, but only relations that are often so complex that we can not understand. That’s why I claim that there is no people, especially not the national gene or genes can certainly serve as a good indicator, the interpretation of migration of people, not to be responsible for their ethnic background, or national commitment.


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