Someone here said that Putin is representative for all Slavs. In which way? Because he is a leader of largest Slavic country? I never been keen of idea that all “Slavic rivers should flow to  great Russian sea”. That is the mindset of serf. That midget doesn`t represent me. His ideas, visions and world view are something that isn`t compactible with most of us, in my opinion. His ideas aren`t all bad, i`m merely speaking in global. His mindset is closer to Asia rather then Europe, and really hate an idea of Eurasianism. Europe, epec. Slavs, doesn`t have anything with Asia. During history we were “first line” of defence, because of the hordes from East. I understand Russian postion. She is both European and Asian country, but it doesn`t mean that if Russia is in that position that for example Poland, Slovenia or Serbia should be in the same.
I love Russian people, Russian culture, language (even started to learn), history etc, but that all things in my opinion aren`t the same as one person, in this case Putin. 


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