of languages
is a political act, and that politics, the art of advocacy “svoijuh ‘interests,
while respecting the” foreign
“interests, achieving consensus,
it is clear that political decisions,
most often have nothing to do with logic and reality.

same thing goes for the appointment of the language, its standardization
and codification. Štokavian speech, which
in essence is a
special language, gave birth to Serbo-Croatian
language. Serbo-Croatian language
is totally artificial
language, which no
one before his inventing spoke. It was invented by an Austrian officer and
spy Vuk Karadzic.
Austrian Empire had plans about constructing
nations of the
Balkan Slavs. The first step was to create a completely
new language, which none of them spoke to
clude historical memory of the nation.

Today’s various languages, resulting policy
decisions of the national elite,
the dialects of Serbo-Croatian
language. Kajkavski language is
not a dialect Štokavian language, but a special
language, one and
Chakavian, the western
edge of the štokavski areas,
as well as Torlački or Macedonian language, on the eastern edge of the
štokavski areas.


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