Dalibor do you know how hard it is to have an open fire when its raining?  ;D and smoke like that… i think its really difficult.

pentaz yes that architecture is christian
nave, crosses, iconostases, are christian
notice there are small crescent under each cross, i heard its interpreted as symbol of victory over pagan cult of bull…
and the church was built in 18th or 19th century, which is  roughly 800-900 years after paganism ceased to exist in that area :) architecture changes over time…
nobody stole architecture, its immaterial so it cant be stolen :)
and how do you know how temple of arkona looked? it was destroyed in 1168 if you didnt notice.

somewhere, dont remember where i read that pagans built temple buildings only under influence of christians, and not everywhere, only for example at elbe river or baltic coast, in those areas we know that pagan priests gained big power over society and ruled in almost theocratic way.


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