Wow look a Slavic Church(Saint Leonard's church in Lipnica Murowana):

But my, my what is this!! A pagan idol of Svetovid inside a Christian Slavic Church! :O


but yeah i guess it was originally Christian because of the dome and altar inside, no way did the Christians convert the Pagan Temple into a Christian Church by building a dome on a temple and inserting the cross with an altar inside.

Do you guys still think that anything that is learned as Christian today is in reallity really its? That is a religion made on assimilating other things into it's core.
All these Christian European saints as St.George etc? pagan gods turned into saints!
Christian architecture? there is no such thing, only a cross that is built upon architecture of natives.
Christian Christmas? read about Germanic Yule,
Christian Easter and Eggs? Read about Yarilo and pisanki egg coloring among slavic pagans

Only thing that is Christian is a tale about Jews, one Jew they rejected, Jesus and his cross, and he escaped all the way to us on end succeeding to spread here in Europe what they have rejected there where he comes from, middle east.

Christianity does not exist…


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