a wooden bar is idol? how do you know? how do you know its idol of svetovid?
do you know when was that church built? it was built when paganism was thing of forgotten past

and do you know how long a piece of wood can last on air?

Why don't you do a bit of research then if you don't believe me. What would a woden idol, widely spread among pagan Slavs, do in a church as a built in part from it's foundation?

and do you know how long a piece of wood can last on air?

This first temple is believed to have been completed by 607

problem? problem from any Pagan idol from few centuries later to survive?

dalibor i meant if old pagans built cathedrals and them blew them up, i meant it that way but lots of people posted before me :D
maybe somebody will say more whether this build-n-blow wasnt stolen from pagans too
i think pagans should go on police and file an action against christians. this thievery is terrible
in democratic state of 21st century…

p. s. democracy is pagan!  :-X

Zrkadlo, don't be a wise ass and insult anyone here. Maybe you Christians should stop crying about Jesus on a cross too eh?

1) Basilica was courthouse not pagan temple.
2) Building Churches in shape of Cross is pagan practice?
3) Christians developed it. They used some elements from Greco-Roman basiliacs, but it is essentialy different.
4) From when Ancient Slavs=Ancient Greeks+Ancient Romans

Look a Slavic Church(Saint Leonard's church in Lipnica Murowana):

But my, my what is this!! A pagan idol of Svetovid inside a Christian Slavic Church! :O


but yeah i guess it was originally Christian because of the dome and altar inside, no way did the Christians convert the Pagan Temple into a Christian Church by building a dome on a temple and inserting the cross with an altar inside.


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