Do you guys still think that anything that is learned as Christian today is in reallity really its? That is a religion made on assimilating other things into it's core.

The Cross of the zodiac  (cross within the circle) was a pagan spiritual symbol which may have been  adopted as the Christian cross by early Christians. The two symbols are remarkably similar.

In Kherson, southern Ukraine, a sculpture of Dazhdbog stood somewhere in the centre of the city was dismantled after a protest from Ukrainian Orthodox church. There is a museum of Domovoi in a village in Crimea . The museum is very popular with tourists and clergy are becoming vocal about it. So much so that the story is in media spotlight now.
There is a modest pagan museum in Kemerovo, Siberia out of sight of everyone.

I don't think it would be possible to build anything big and pagan without upsetting Orthodox Church  who are almighty and powerful in Russia.


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