Svetoslava, there is nothing pagan in this style of architecture. And this churches were build 100 or 200 years ago. By Christian Slavs. If you agree, last 1000 years waste majority of Slavs are Christians. Being woden or Slavic does not qualify it not being Christian.

I don't see anything Christian in the style of this wooden architecture either. Now tell me what's so Christian on them? If someone puts a Buddhist sign on the shield, it won't make the building Buddhist as such.

As I said.. Slavic culture = wooden culture. 1000 years ago Christianity was a thing of nobility and missionaries. And maybe you haven't noticed but Pagan practices are still normal http://www.slavorum.com/index.php/topic,2066.msg23745.html#msg23745 . Or you think that all of those superstitions are Christian because people are officially Christians now? Or why do people look for 'witches' while having a problem? The church is one thing and their life is the other thing. There are tons of proofs of Slavic Pagan past, but you focus just on temples. That says a lot.  ;)

Barov – does it change anything?


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