As I said, those Churches wer ebuilt in shape of Cross (Allmoast all Churches before 20th Century). It is not Christian? It has domes, perfected by Christian architecture. Also non-Christian trait? It was built to accomodate Christian worship? It was not Christian? It was built by Christians for Christians. Pagan trait? Dont think so. You are just repeating it is wooden it could not be Christian. What Christianity teaches use stone exclusively?

Most of your two upper posts only provide this arrogant assimilation logic of if you take someones temple and accommodate it to your needs it means it is yours and against such logic i can't really do or prove a thing.

If i go to your local church, blast of it's dome, and put a pagan symbol…all things to accommodate me, then by your logic it is a pagan temple and it cannot be proved that it was Christian because obviously in it's present shape and existence is pagan and with everything to accommodate pagans. :)

you still haven't commented on the Slavic Church(Saint Leonard's church in Lipnica Murowana) above :)


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