pentaz the individual church in lipnik couldnt be pagan because it was built in 15th century…. similarly with other churches, especailly roman catholic which contain statues :)
ok so lets say for people who made that tourist guide or what it is it evokes pagan idol… for you, its absolutely ok proof? hmm
what do some real scientists say? does it come from pagan times?
or from 15th, 16th century when people hardly used pagan idols

also note that religion isnt about rituals but faith. rituals are outer, surface things… rituals dont make religion

so kudesnik, christians should stop eating bread because it was eaten by pagans? there is usually some continuity over time in human society
future evolves from past, and we are bound to past

povhec wrote it nicely… its ever-evolving continuity. and yes you forgot its the same people (their descendants). you dont steal your language, cuisine etc from parents


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