However Pentaz you must admit this isn't a religious building but a longhouse. I was in one of these in Denmark. Interior itself looks rather like some kind of house with a barn.

I must point out another thing i forgot to say. There isn't Christian or Pagan architecture but ancient Greek & ancient Slavic architecture in case of time when there was paganism both Greeks and Slavs were pagans but their architecture is a lot different. In case of medieval period for example there was Latin (Western) & Byzantine architecture. Additionally architecture of Primorska churches is fundamentally different from Gorenjska chruches and we are talking about the same country. Also if church is wooden it is logically christian architecture since it was build as a christian church but of course influence from pre-Christian period is very possible but then again we must know it has gone trough evolution like i said before + we cant designate church as being under pagan influence just because it is wooden.

For example church from Velika Planina has origin in 1938 before that there wasn't any church at all.



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