okey so the idol is most probably pagan
there was even pagan temple. which is like discovering america because its well known that old churches were built on previous places of worship, which is normal and understandable. for example its like when bulgarian petrol station changed their toilets from turkish stand-to-s*** to modern wc toilet after they entered eu. can you imagine people not going to the same toilet place just because they entered eu?  ;D
but the point is, that they probably didnt have pagan temple building as most slavs, only temple as place of worship (wooden idols, fire, some stones around to make it clear it isnt for playing etc). not building.
and btw where they had temple buildings (elbe river, baltic sea) those were usually destroyed before building a church there

You can use toilet analogy whatever tickles your fancy.
And it is not only the idol that is from paganism. The very idea of using sacral building making it look magnificent came from the pagans.

I mentioned already that Christianity is a collection of religious texts and Church is a gathering of people. The gathering of people doesn’t have to occur in most magnificent building. Everything  not accounted for in the Bible is 'worldliness' and probably shouldn’t be part of Christian religion in first place.
Yes, all modern architecture evolved out of architecture from Baroque, Renaissance, Medieval and antiquity periods. It is reasonable to assume  that all modern Church architecture evolved out of earlier sacral architecture used by pagans be it early Slavic, Germanic, Roman or Byzantium architecture.


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