idea of sacral places, not just buildings is universal probably to all people… and its thought slavs build temple buildings under christian influence, i think i mentioned it in this thread.

It is not universal and sacral buildings were not used by Jesus and his Apostles and early Christians.

christianity is religion, not collection of texts.

Take a closer look at different Christian denominations. What defines them all as Christians? The same religious text. The Holy Bible. Yet, all have different traditions, interpretations of the Bible and various attributes.

did you know that attending temples is mentioned in bible? including new testament which is basis of christianity
however buildings, architecture etc dont constitute faith. faith is spiritual

Quote the passage from the Bible, please.

i hope you at least know what is spirituality, because your materialist view and shallow judging based on surface and first glance of things says otherwise.

It's not my materialist view, it's rather your lack of awareness. I also hope you stop discussing others and stick to the subject presenting your arguments.

and yes if you want to judge architecture, one fancy photo of how building looks from outside isnt enough. architecture styles are reflected in small almost unnoticeable details. because all buildings on earth share the same basic look. walls+roof

There are enough pagan elements in modern architectures.


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