Nitpicking much? Iconoclasm was formally allowed only 730 (that's some good 300 years after Byzantine foundation). Why? It was an European pagan thing, and such things were seen as heresy. In the middle ages bathing was seen as heresy too by the Christians, since it was too a pagan thing. That was my point. Don't twist it with meaningless details.

Carniolan, you are as allways ignorant. First of all. Byzantium was not founded it was continuation of Eastern Roman Empire. It is not meaningles detail it is fact,, neglecting of that fact is just showing of your ignorance. Iconoclasm was not proclaimed by Church, it was forced by secular power. Which Christians saw it as heresy. Leo III and Constantine V Copronym (Christians called him feces-named.) But you not know facts do you. It was kulturkampf, secular governemtn was fighting clergy influence in Byzantine socitey. But again, some ignorant who read few articles in popular literature must to troll about things he could not even comperhend.

Agree with the jewish part, however – The Latin word basilica (derived from Greek, Basiliké Stoà, Royal Stoa), was originally used to describe a Roman public building (as in Greece, mainly a tribunal), usually located in the forum of a Roman town.

Oh we are reading Wikipedia, do we ;D It was originally used to describe Hellenistic public building for courts and trade. As allways, you read just first line or two. βασιλική στοά, – Royal walkway. Do you have something more to teach me professor? ;D

Well that is too bad. I for one enjoy your sermons.
Byzantine architecture was inspired by the Roman empire, with some eastern Greek flavuor. It's still pagan European at it's core.

Carniolan, please enlight me what is pagan about basilica. ;D It was originaly royal walkway, where he was judging and overseeing trade. It was latter used as public building. When Church became state religion, some of that public buildings were given to her. Basilicas were secular buildings not religious. That s why Christians prefered to use them. From style of Basilicas Christians developed Byzantinr style, whic is blend of Graeco-Roman and Near-Eastern architecture. Byzantinr architects mad dozens of tehnological improvments. And Byzantine style was mainly used for Churches.

Christianity is not collection of texts. It is religion. Bible is for Christians part of Divine relevation to humankind. Neutral classicfication would be Bible is solection of sacred texts of Christianity. Christ and apostols went in one magnificant Temple (Solomons), For first three centuries Christians lived under persecution and they were not able to build magnificent Churches. But still they had their buildings for Liturgy and burials (catacombs).
And to add. Secular details from societies which were pagan are not in same time pagan values.


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