Well dervan can't see ethnic connection between ancient macedonians and ancient greeks, in contrast to almost all scholars, alexander the great,the rest of ancient macedonians, Strabo, etc.

Ancient greeks didn't like their northern part (macedonia) because of the occupation, and for this reason they denied their Greek identity.

The modern state that you are talking about, in fact, has never been ethnically part of ancient macedonians or generally Greeks.Its inhabitants were Paionians who were called Barbarians by both macedonians and Greeks.

this map


will help you, my friend.And don't tell me that you are right and the scholar that created this map is wrong (LOL).

today, these people as far as i know consider themeselves non-slavs according to some videos in YT and some pages, they also do not consider themselves paionians or something similar, only macedonians.


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