Greek myth about Greek origin of Macedonia and Macedonians is just that-myth.

А зашто/почему су онда Македонци учествовали на олимпијским играма?
A prečo su v tom pripadku Makedonci učestvovali na olimpijskim igrama?
Then why did the Macedonians participate in the olimpic games?

The first Macedonian to participate in the Olympic Games was Alexander I, titled by the Athenians as a philhellenist. He had to prove that his ancestor came from Argos in Peloponnese, so that he can be considered partly Greek and thus allowed to participate to the Games. This was probably a political decision by the Greeks in order to gain Macedonian support in their war with Xerxes I…

Ancient greeks didn't like their northern part (macedonia) because of the occupation, and for this reason they denied their Greek identity.

The modern state that you are talking about, in fact, has never been ethnically part of ancient macedonians or generally Greeks.Its inhabitants were Paionians who were called Barbarians by both macedonians and Greeks.

Paeonia became part of the Macedonian Empire in the IV century BC and since than this area is geographically inseparable part of Macedonia.
This is the same period of the occupation you mentioned, and yet there was no resistance against it in Paeonia, unlike most parts of Greece. Maybe this means something… :)


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